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A Group United for an Outstanding Service

The Groupe Leclair is a family business founded over 50 years ago by Claude Leclair. He surrounded himself with partners, managers, and directors to achieve one goal: developing a group of dealerships with the mission of offering the best in customer service.

Today, the Groupe Leclair continues to perpetuate the values held by its founder, namely valuing employees and providing quality customer service at all levels. The founder brought the Group to the forefront; it is now one of the most renowned in the automotive field in Quebec.

An executive board meets regularly to review the activities and objectives of the dealerships and to discuss future projects. This committee is made up of professionals from different backgrounds who each add their own touch to the company's reputation.

The Group has five dealerships, including two Honda, two Hyundai and one Subaru, as well as a credit centre. Year after year, the Group invests in its community and offers an exemplary service to its loyal customers as well as to its new ones.



Since his beginnings in the automotive industry over 45 years ago, Claude Leclair has always surrounded himself with a team of business partners, general managers and autonomous and independent managers. This approach provides the latitude and freedom to oversee the day-to-day dealership operations, while remaining engaged in the management of the business. Claude Leclair's vision is based on a professional administration oriented towards customer service. For him, a company must above all value its employees in order to build a loyal clientele and ensure its long-term success.

After his humble beginnings in the 1960s, Claude Leclair founded and built a family business, still based in Montreal, which ranks today, almost five decades later, among the most renowned automotive groups in the industry.

In 2016, the Leclair Group sold 8,351 vehicles through its five dealerships, generating sales of more than $ 297 million and employing more than 500 people.

In order to ensure the transition to a new generation of managers, an executive council was formed in 2010. Made up of Claude Leclair, André Leclair, Steve Gosselin, François Leclair, Carolynn Leclair, Mathieu Leclair and Kevin Leclair. The committee meets on a regular basis to review the results, challenges and objectives of each concession in order to address large-scale situations and projects that may have an impact on one or more of the Group's divisions. Each member of the committee contributes their own experience and specific skills, for the benefit of all. Everyone is in constant contact with partners, general managers and employees of the Group's concessions. One-day meetings are also held on a quarterly basis in the company of all the partners and general managers for a day of discussion and networking, at the same time making it possible to maintain relations between the management teams.

Claude Leclair
Following in his father's footsteps, Claude started in the automotive industry at the age of 16 as a bodywork technician for Renault Canada. He is entrepreneurial and quickly puts his exceptional business acumen to good use. He spends part of his nights repairing vehicles in a non-air-conditioned garage and then selling them, even offering financing and leasing options! In 1972, Claude acquired his first body shop, then a second shortly after. During the Corvette glory days, Art Auto Body was arguably one of Montreal's most renowned workshops. At the end of the 1970s, the entrepreneur entered the world of car rental and barely 10 years later, he had a fleet of more than 3,000 vehicles. It was in 1981 that the businessman acquired his first car dealership. Since then, he has represented many brands including Acura, GMC, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Suzuki and Volkswagen, in addition to Chrysler, Honda and Hyundai which are still today in the Leclair Group's brand portfolio.

André Leclair
Brother (younger) of Claude, André joined the bodywork company in the mid-1970s. He held the position of general manager of the group's first Chrysler dealership in the early 1980s then, in 1985, became general manager and partner of one of the first Hyundai dealerships in Canada, which is today one of the oldest in the country.

Steve Gosselin, C.P.A.
After serving the company for ten years as an external accountant, Steve joined the Leclair Group in 1996 as Comptroller General. Over the years, he remains largely involved in all facets of the administration of the operations of all the concessions as well as other business projects of the group. In 2010, Steve assumed general management of Honda de Blainville while maintaining his responsibilities as vice-president, finance. He became a partner of Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud in 2013 before acquiring shares in Honda de Blainville and Pie-IX Chrysler in 2015.

François Leclair, LL.B. MFA
François's first job in the family business was washing vehicles in the body shop during the summer, at the age of 10. Throughout his high school, college and university career, he has the opportunity to work in virtually all departments of the group. After being called to the Quebec Bar in 1994, he left to complete a master's degree in California. He then opened in the film industry for a few years, before acquiring and completely reinventing a renowned boutique hotel, Casa Laguna, which he left in 2015. It was in 2008 that François returned to Quebec and joined the family business as vice-president, development. As part of his duties, François notably supervises the renovation of dealerships and the complete reconstruction of Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud, where he also served as Managing Director and Partner until the sale in 2017. François is also a partner at Pie-IX Chrysler and Honda in Blainville.

Carolynn Leclair, BA Automotive Marketing & Management

Carolynn started out in the family business as a receptionist in the summer of her 15th birthday. After graduating (Summa Cum Laude) from Northwood University, she headed the used department of the largest dealership in the group at the time. She then worked for two years as an F&I Product Representative for SAL Marketing in the Eastern Ontario region, had to devote herself entirely to the education of her three children. As a member of the Leclair Group Executive Committee, Carolynn is responsible for special projects and acts as the primary point of contact for social clubs in all of our dealerships, ensuring that every employee feels like a part of our great family. Carolynn is also a partner at Pie-IX Chrysler and Honda de Blainville.

Mathieu Leclair, BBA

After a few years in Chicago, where he graduated from Lake Forest College, Mathieu moved to Toronto where he founded a technology company with his former class partners. He returned in 2008 to take on a sales representative position at Chomedey Hyundai, a job he had previously held during his school holidays. In no time, he took the head of the used department and put his expertise in digital media for the benefit of the dealership and the entire group. He became Managing Director of Chomedey Hyundai in 2010. During this period, he also founded the Trade Helper inter-dealer digital auction platform, used by more than 3,200 users and generating more than 18,000 sales per year. Mathieu has been a member of the CCAM's executive committee since 2014 and this year occupies the seat of vice-president. He is also a partner of Pie-IX Chrysler and Honda de Blainville.

Kevin Leclair

Graduated from Collège Militaire St-Jean, Kevin joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2008. After serving his country, he began his career with Groupe Leclair in 2013 in the used department of Chomedey Hyundai. He held the position of interim used department manager at Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud before taking over the head of the Pie-IX Chrysler used department in 2015.

Alain Berthiaume

Alain Berthiaume has had a career in the automotive industry since the age of 21. It was a friend's father who owned a small used car business who gave him his first chance. Barely a few years later, Alain joined Groupe Leclair as sales director at Mercury des Laurentides. He worked his way up to the position of Sales Director at Honda de Blainville. Since its construction in 2006, he has served as president of the Hyundai dealership in Blainville, which in 2018 undergoes renovations and expansion. For Alain Berthiaume, it is a great pride to have been part of the Leclair Group family for more than 30 years.

Mario Bourbonnais

For Mario Bourbonnais, the passion for entrepreneurship is matched only by his great love of cars. Already at 16, he bought his very first vehicle: a Ford Mustang Shelby. In his early twenties, Mario was working on marketing a tool for car dealerships: Projicar. During a presentation at Longueuil Honda, he was unable to sell his product: instead, he was offered the position of sales manager for the dealership, barely 25 years old. He worked under the Honda brand for many years, as sales manager and then as general manager, until he purchased his first dealership in 2006: Chambly Mazda, on the south shore of Montreal. The following year, he took on the management of a group of three dealerships in which he was a partner. He joined the Leclair Group in 2009 as Managing Director and Partner of Honda Ile-Perrot, a position he has held since that day, in addition to becoming a Partner of Pie-IX Chrysler in 2016.